Marketing Options

SYNERGENICS Education, Training and Consulting:
is credited with having originated both the names and the origin of the fields of “Co-operative Economics”, “Community Marketing” and “Relational Marketing”.



which describes the process and value of business ventures in which the benefit of the venture is shared in agreed upon terms by the business participants
Micro lending
SYNERGENICS VENTURES a past Village Project in Guatemala


which is the process by which the members of a community, small, medium or large, international, even global are specifically included and benefitted in the process and proceeds of the marketing. That benefit can and usually does include discounts, incentives and direct financial benefits of the marketing done.
Affinity Programs
SYNERGENICS and a current Program Designed for 2020 A Year Without War


Which allows for the express marketing by individuals, families, groups and communities to each other and to the market place in general where the express benefit of the marketer is computed in both the process and the price of what is being marketed and is a method of compensating the relationship along with process.
Multi Level Marketing
SYNERGENICS and a past project with EARTHCOMM Inc. dba EARTH-TEL